Zebrawood Stud Earrings

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Not sure why this wood is called Zebrawood. Sure it's got stripes, but so do lots of woods..... Regardless, this wood has some really nice grain. It's a larger grain pattern than most other woods I work with, that's why these are only offered in the larger size (10mm). Each pair is handmade and sanded multiple times to a very soft, smooth finish. The final touch is a few coats of shellac which really brings out the tan/yellow color of this unique wood.

Size: Available in only 1 diameter: 10mm (3/8in).

Width is a bit variable depending on how much they get sanded down. But they usually turn out between 1-2.5mm

Post material: Hypoallergenic titanium (these are lead free and nickel free). Posts are 21 gauge (standard piercing gauge), we supply butterfly backs with all earrings.

Shipping: $4.00 flat rate shipping (USA) for as many pairs as you like. International shipping base rate stays the same no matter how many pairs you order.

Free Shipping on orders $35 or more (USA only)! Shopping cart will automatically do this for you, no need for a coupon code.

Care for your earrings: As with all handmade items, handle with care. These are real wood! Remember how your Mom would yell at you for leaving a cold drink on the wood coffee table without a coaster? Water leaves marks on wood…. Remove before showering and/or swimming. But with that being said, my husband never takes his cocobolo wood earrings off. They’ve faded a bit, but still look nice.

Due to the handmade nature of these earrings, they may vary slightly from the ones pictured. Also, keep in mind monitor settings can be different from screen to screen, so the color might vary slightly from what is pictured.

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