Why Titanium Posts?

I had to wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced.  Yes, my Mother ruined my young life.

We happened to live across the street from a mall which had a Claire's.  

I could finally buy all the huge, plastic, colorful earrings I wanted!  And I did.....  I couldn't wait to wear them!  But, I was "responsible" and kept my starter earrings in for the required 6-8 weeks.  Turning them everyday, cleaning with alcohol, etc.....Never got an infection, until....

I put in a pair of large purple hoops.  Within 2 hours my lobes were hot and bright red.  Crap.  "Maybe it's because they're so big," I thought.  So I put my starters back in, and waited a week for my ears to feel normal.  Then I tried a smaller pair of black triple hoop huggies.  Same problem.......

As a birthday present, my parents' had bought me a tasteful pair of small  gold hearts.  And they were the only pair of earrings that I could wear.  Sigh..........  Not exactly the pop/glam/punk look I was going for.

I would try other earrings occasionally, with the hope that I could find the magical pair that didn't hate me.  The fun colorful (inexpensive) earrings always caused a reaction.

Fast forward 20 years later, and I stumbled upon titanium.  I have no idea where I found the info., but I bought some posts and started making little colorful stud earrings for myself that actually felt comfortable!  My kids were tiny, so big dangles were out.  But I could have any color of stud earring I wanted!  And I made a lot............

Titanium is the only affordable metal that is nickel-free (which is what usually causes metal sensitivities) and lead-free.  It's super strong, and light weight, so it works even better for earrings than gold or silver (which are soft metals).  

Give titanium a try!


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