About Us

“What's going on with your name?”

When I started this business, I hoped it would be a family business.  So I named it after all of us.


S   is for Stephen, my husband and woodworking expert.

H  is for me (Heather), I design and make the majority of the pieces you'll find in this shop.

I    is for our 14yr old son, Isak. He helps put packing material together and is learning to do some basic sanding.

B  is for my grown step daughter Brittany (center in blue). She's been known to help with the wood earrings around the holidays, she beta tests all the jewelry, and does a bit of modeling for us.

A  is for my 17yr old daughter (center in yellow), Anneka. She's become quite the expert at sanding wood earrings.

We also have a bunch of cats. But that would have made our shop name too long….