"What's going on with your name?"

When I started this business, I hoped it would be a family business.  So I named it after all of us.

S   is for Stephen, my husband and woodworking expert.
H  is for me (Heather)
I    is for our 14yr old son, Isak. He helps put packing material together and is learning to do some basic sanding.
B  is for my grown step daughter Brittany (center in blue). She's been known to help with the wood earrings around the holidays, she beta tests all the jewelry, and does a bit of modeling for us.
A  is for my 17yr old daughter (center in yellow), Anneka. She's become quite the expert at sanding wood earrings.

We also have a bunch of cats. But that would have made our shop name too long….


In the beginning..........

When my kids were 3 and 6,  I realized that I had a whole 2 hours a night to myself after they went to bed. That’s a crazy amount of time! Especially since my husband worked nights.
I had time to MAKE THINGS again (cue celestial music, and beams of light shooting from the parting clouds). We were still climbing out of the Great Recession hole of ‘07-’09, so I knew I needed to come up with something I could enjoy making and that would help build our empty savings account; AND that I could work on in very short increments of time--after all, I still had 2 small children that would require my attention at a moment’s notice.

In college I had dabbled in polymer clay, making unusual beads that I couldn’t find at the bead shops, and then turning them into funky pieces of jewelry. Even though that was a bit time intensive, I could find something fun to do with polymer clay……. And so I began mixing colors and making cute, colorful, and simple stud earrings. They were a hit!

About two years into the business, my husband started cleaning out his “collection” of exotic hardwood scraps from his 20yr woodworking addiction (I mean hobby). And I thought to myself, “Damn, those little bits of wood are really cool!”. I don’t know why I’d never noticed before……. “Dear, can you make me some little round shapes out of those?”, batting eyelashes…..
And those were a hit too! Now I’ve got him fully immersed in the business, doing my bidding (cue evil laugh).

We’re currently in the process of marrying the two materials, polymer clay and wood, into new product designs. So stay tuned……….